Cream of Wheat

Cream-of-WheatOne thing I really missed when I was first here was Cream of Wheat. I had been looking for it for a long time, and just couldn’t find it.

It turns out it was right in front of me, in the mini supermarket in my own building. The problem, first of all, is that they don’t call it Cream of Wheat — it’s Semoule. And secondly, the packaging is totally different. The pair left me without my favorite breakfast for years.


Ticket-RestoThis is a “ticket-resto”, which I guess would be translated at a “restaurant voucher”. Some people get these from their work, if their employer doesn’t have a cafeteria. Since my university does, I don’t usually get these.

However, at one point in 2007, our cafeteria was under repair, or construction, or something like that, so we were offered these. I think I got five of ’em. I never used ’em, but it was nice to see one after all I had heard about them.