John Adams’s Residence — the Hôtel Antier

The facade of the Hotel Antier.

John Adams and John Quincy Adams lived in the Hôtel Antier, sometimes also called the Hôtel de Verrières, from September, 1784 to August, 1785. It is located at 43-47 rue d’Auteuil.

Plaque on the exterior of the Hotel Antier. It says: In this house resided, August 1784–may 1785, JOHN ADAMS, 2nd president of the United States, 1797–1801, one of the founders of American independence, and his son JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, 6th president of the United States, 1825–1829.
The “Histoire de Paris” marker outside the Hôtel Antier. It says: “Hôtel de Verrières. This mansion was built around 1715 for the famous singer Melle Antier, and became the premier salon in Auteuil, visited by court and city. It was then given to the Verrières girls, opera singers, by the Marquis of Epinay : they lived sumptuously there, and hosted Voltaire, Marmontel, and the Marshall of Saxe. With the latter, Marie had a daughter in 1748, Marie-Aurore, who married the tax collector Dupin de Francueil. Their son, Maurice, would be the father of George Sand, whose real name was Aurore Dupin. In 1862, the opening of rue Michel-Ange destroyed the park. Today, only the garden-side facade remains.”

There is also a “History of Paris” marker nearby, which says absolutely nothing about the Adams family ever living there. The building has also been the headquarters of the French oil company Totale, and is now part of the complex that is the headquarters of the French National Center for Scientific Research, the entry to which is around the corner from this building.

As a scientist here, I occasionally have access, so can show you a picture of the interior facade mentioned in the marker…

The interior garden of the Hôtel Antier.