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Yesterday a French colleague said he was going to “participate to a project”, instead of “participate in a project”.

Unfortunately, à in French can be, depending on context, either at, in, or to, and probably others. Here, the colleague chose wrong 🙂

I think I must make the corresponding error all the time. That is, I should be saying “participer à une réunion”, and I’d be willing to bet that I’ve said “participer dans une réunion” instead…

One thought on “Participate to”

  1. Prepositions are hard. I’ve been listening to the RFI’s newscast “en français facile” lately, which often begins with “Bienvenu dans ce journal …” Word-for-word, that’s “Welcome in …” instead of “Welcome to …”. They also say “Merci d’écouter …” for “Thank you for listening”.

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