Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare & Company at 12, rue de l’Odeon

Plaque at 12, rue de l’Odeon, commemorating Sylvia Beach, James Joyce and Ulysses. It says: In 1922, in this house, Miss Sylvia Beach published “Ulysses” by James JOYCE. J.J.S.S.F. I’m not really sure what J.J.S.S.F. stands for. I did a quick web search and the first thing that popped up was the “James Joyce Society of Sweden & Finland”!

12, rue de l’Odeon was the second location of Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare & Company (not to be confused with the other Shakespeare & Company, which still exists and is near Notre Dame).

This is where many expatriate English-language authors from the “Lost Generation” (like Joyce, Fitzgerald & Hemingway) hung out.

I wonder if they knew that just next door, at 10, rue de l’Odeon, is where Thomas Paine lived.